The Aquarist List

The Aquarist List is a resource to spread the word about all of the wonderful fish and aquarium websites, businesses, books and blogs out there. It is carefully hand edited (by humans!) to ensure only the best links and resources are added. If you know anything that is missing, please suggest it!

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Aquaria Reference Websites - reference or catalogue websites. They may also contain editorial articles.

Aquaria Forum Websites - websites which are mainly web forums or message boards.

Specialised Aquatic Websites - this page has websites that are specialised towards a certain type of aquarium keeping or dedicated to certain fish or invertebrate species or families.

Directory Websites are sites devoted to collecting links to other sites and providing informative lists of resources.

Online Retailers supply fish, plants and other animals, tanks, consumables and equipment.

Aquarist Blogs and Personal Websites see a whole range of aquarist and fish related blogs and personal web pages.

Aquatic and Aquarist Clubs and Societies

Aquarist Clubs and Societies in the UK

Public Aquariums

Public Aquariums in the UK

Public Aquariums in the US

Public Aquariums in Canada

Public Aquariums in Australia

Local Fish Shops and Retailers

Local Fish Shops in London, UK

Local Fish Shops in Plymouth, UK

Local Fish Shops in Lincoln, UK

Influential and Respected Figures

Influential and Respected Figures - an incomplete list of influential people in the aquarium science, hobby and trade.

Exhibitions, Competitions & Trade Shows

Exhibitions, Competitions & Trade Shows - a list of aquarist and fish shows, competitons, exhibitions and trade shows.